The Insights section helps you query and gather information about your product data using natural language, presenting the results in statistically accurate tables and engaging charts. When you decide to integrate this Insights module into your software, your end users will have a comparable experience with analytics in your tool.

We have connected a default database connection for you to experiment with our Analytics Copilot, aiding your familiarity with the tool. You are free to link your own Database in the Connect DB section and trial the tool using your own data before making a decision(we neither store your data nor modify it, as we rely on our engine to carry out data queries directly).


The Ask section facilitates the training of your personalized AI model utilizing resources such as your product documentation, FAQs, SDK docs, Case Studies, and more. This aids in crafting an AI that is a subject matter expert on your software. The AI developed will be capable of addressing and resolving customer inquiries about your product, heightening customer satisfaction, reducing support tickets and increasing product stickiness.

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