Will my data or metadata be used to train third party LLM providers like ChatGPT, LLama etc?

No. Protecting user data is fundamental to our mission. We do not provide any third party model with your data or metadata at any point in the process for training their AI models.

Our commitment

At Neuralmind, protecting customer and user data is fundamental to our service offering and mission as a company. Our platform upholds the rigorous data security and privacy standards that organizations expect.

Our commitment:

  • We do not provide any user data or metadata submitted to any third party API for training purposes.

  • Inputs and outputs on Neuralmind not become part of the training data for any third party LLM.

  • We strive to be transparent about our data handling practices and policies.

  • We are dedicated to maintaining robust enterprise-grade security, and to continually improving our security measures.

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